The Bodyweight Burn: The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Winter weight gain

One of the most common reason that greatly affects a person’s workout and weight loss efforts is lack of time. And if you are one of the people who often faces this kind of problem, you are probably trying to find a program that will fit your busy schedule. And with the latest addition in the weight loss industry called bodyweight burn program, people can now shed off 21 pounds of fats by performing a 21-minute exercise every day. Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer created this program that is getting popular by the minute. Not only are they the creator of this program, they also created the bodyweight blueprint for fat loss and the bodyweight exercise revolution. But the quality that is different from this program is it allows busy people to have the opportunity to lose weight and get in shape that doesn’t require them to join different kinds of gyms.

This program, more popularly known as the BW3 workout makes use of three unique workout styles, the afterburner, metabolic-muscle and cardioflow. While these styles only needs 21 minutes of a user’s time, they still need to do it on a daily basis to get rid of unwanted fats. And the best part is it doesn’t really require users to have any equipment, because it uses your body as the weights to lose weight. It also has a six-week workout schedule and divided in to two phases that strategically boosts the paired diet plan to the specific workout day.

And the reason why the bodyweight burn program is so wonderful is because of its own diet plan called the carb-synch diet. While this diet plan may look complicated, it actually means that the diet plan will strategically coordinate with the work out day. So users can maximize the concept of rotating the carbohydrates that matches with a calorie burning exercises that can help dieters gain their ideal weight. In addition, it will also teach the users about the five types of diet days, the low carb, good carb, moderate carb, 24-hour fast and back load. These diet days have its very own purpose that you will learn once you begin the exercises of the program. And the best part is it allows users to eat their favorite food two meals per week or 10% of the time. But you need to keep in mind that you must not over eat and still be in control of you eating.

The reason why the bodyweight burn program is quite different from other weight loss program is it doesn’t require users to use supplements. Although, the authors do highly recommend to take some of the supplements to gain faster results like the BCAA, omega 3 fatty acid and protein powder, it is still not necessary because this program will still work without the supplements.

While it may look like the bodyweight burn program is short, it does packs quite a punch. The truth is it will even challenge your desire to lose weight. But if you properly perform the interval training exercises and the strategic diet plan, you will definitely reach your desired weight. But you need to remember that you must be very committed for it to work.

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