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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers in 3 Days

Hey my Pretties! YASSS! And for those of you who are not my pretties, you need to subscribe now why? because if you give me three days I’ll help you get your body slayed! So many of my pretties out there have prom coming up and junior prom and I’m so excited for you some of you just want to jump start your weight loss journey well guess what? whew! In this video I’m going to tell you exactly how to lose weight fast for teenagers in three days, let’s go! PrettyKeli Intro Song subscribe to be notified as soon as my videos are release remember to follow each step carefully ladies and take my three-day weight loss challenge. Are you in? Let’s go! Step 1, so ladies this is all extremely important and I want you guys to write this down because if you don’t have this information you’re not going to have anything to compare it to. okay so take your before picture put it somewhere safe lock your phone you feel me I also want you to write down your measurements so whatever areas you really want to see weight loss from, write down those measurements and step on the scale.

Don’t forget also something as a bonus but I’m telling you it really works, you want to take a little journal or something and write down how you feel what are your thoughts all that good stuff why because when you compare it in the three days you’re going to be shocked! We’re going to get into the rest which is even better but firstly comment below and let me know, are you going to take this 3 day weight loss challenge for teens? If you are say I’m taking this 3 day teen weight loss challenge boo! and keep me updated every single day and i’ll keep you updated as well and i can’t wait to see your results. Step 2, 8 consecutive hours of sleep per night with no naps throughout the day it’s very important ladies that you take a multi-mineral multivitamin and i used to be against using gummies, I’m all for for it now you need a high-quality gummy though a lot of the gummies that you’re going to find in a grocery store etc that are “multi-mineral multivitamins” they’re not good for you and they’re really not doing anything you might as well drink some Koolaid.

So I’ll link the one that I used below but moving on that’s something you definitely want to do and after you do that you want to drink 8 ounces of water eight ounces of water with apple cider vinegar or eight ounces of water apple cider vinegar and lemon or just straight up hot lemon water you can also have green tea. In the description below ladies I’m going to write down some options that you can have for breakfast some small breakfast options that are really delicious going to fill you up and help you throughout the day. you can get to school do everything you have to do alright moving on this is optional ladies but it helps and it will improve your results okay so about 30 minutes to an hour after you had your food and your multivitamin I want you to do either jumping jacks or burpees for 10 minutes take a shower now okay here are your options you can either take a cold shower which will greatly benefit your results or you can take a contrast shower it’s going to give you energy in the morning going to help boost your metabolism so you can lose weight stupid wild dumb crazy fast yall know what it is let’s keep going did you like that give this video a thumbs up and let’s move on because you’re gonna love what I show you next step 3 get you a water bottle that already has a filter in it they’re not expensive they have them all over now okay this way you can go to the water fountain will fill it up constantly and get all the water you need here’s when I want you to drink water every single time the bell rings for you to switch classes? Drink the a whole filtered bottle of water you want to be as active as you possibly can and by doing this you really don’t have to workout Protip walk fast to do everything ladies! Super fast like two minutes and then stupid wild dumb crazy slow for one keep doing this consecutively and you’re going to burn mad calories trust me step 4 now we’re going to get into lunch time and ladies you are going to love me for this.

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You have two options one you can either bring a healthy meal to school with you I’m going to link some ideas and suggestions in the description below or yes know that unhealthy meal you eat all the time or that unhealthy meal that you love so much? you have it in your mind exactly how much you normally get right? so for example you normally get two slices of pizza with the fries yeah Keli know, Kelly used to do it to! okay so if you normally get two slices of pizza with the fries, let’s use that as an example I want you guys to split it into one fourth like you know separate fries and separate the pizza find somebody in your school in your lunchroom who’s not as fortunate you as you are to have lunch food split it up whatever you normally eat into one-forth and then the next day two-fourths and the next day take away to three-fourths okay and give it to somebody who’s less fortunate than you and you’re going to see step five when you get home stay busy until it’s time for you to go to bed.

Organize your closet try some YouTube hair tutorials something! Just stay as busy as you possibly can this way you don’t really have to exercise, if you exercise it’s going to be an extra added bonus but you don’t really have to as long as you’re staying active and staying busy stay the heck away from your couch they a heck away from your bed moving on. take another contrast shower make sure you eat your dinner before 7pm don’t go to sleep for at least one or two hours after you’ve had your last meal your last meal dinner should be relatively healthy small and filling I’m going to share some ideas with you below in the description step 6 now about an hour before the time you’re supposed to go to bed and you should be setting an alarm on your phone to ring when it’s time for you to go to bed or about an hour before I want you guys to relax unwind Keli’s going to share something with you that a lot of adults aren’t going to tell you school was the most stressful time of my life like a lot of people say like “oh wait until you become an adult and you have bills” I will take a thousand bills and be up to my head in debt than to ever step foot in high school or middle school junior any of that again up

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Step 7 and finally in the morning on day four take your after pics weight yourself take your measurements and write down exactly how you feel compare and contrast you are going to love me.

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